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The ABC’s of Back-Up Netting

The ABC’s of Back-Up Netting (Video)

Summary of the Video

Net – The net is used as a “back up” system to keep balls in the area of play.

Net Mesh Size – Net mesh refers to the size of the squares or diamonds in the netting. The proper mesh size will depend on the sport you are playing.

  • Soccer, volleyball, football and basketball – 4” mesh
  • Baseball – 1 ¾” or 1 7/8” mesh
  • Lacrosse and hockey – 1 ½” or 1 3/16” mesh
  • Golf – 7/8” mesh


Net material strength – The strength of the material needed will depend on the size of the net and what it is being used for. We offer several different options based on the customers situation.

Grommets – This is an eyelet that is placed in a hole on the edge that the netting to prevent it from being torn. There is a snap hook in each grommet that is used to attach the net to the cable.

Rope binding on netting – This tape seals the edges of the net. It gives the netting its shape and allows it to be pulled tight by cables or ropes.

Posts – The posts hold up the netting.

  • Aluminum posts – These posts are used for portable netting systems. Aluminum is a lighter material that allows you to move the posts if needed.
  • Steel Posts – Steel is a heavier material that is used for a netting system that the user intends to keep in one spot. It will also hold up against high wind areas better than aluminum.

Zinc Plated “Budget” Pulley – The pulley is on the top on the pole and is attached to the upper corner of the net. When the cable is pulled through the pulley, it tightens the nets and pulls in towards the upper corner.

Halyard – This is a rope that creates tension in the net and helps to tighten the net

Rope Cleat – The Halyard Rope Wraps around the cleat after it is used to tighten the net.

Turnbuckle – This tightens the cable which ultimately keeps the net taut.

Bottom Steel Cable – This cable is on the bottom on the net and prevents the net from being damaged during grass cutting.

Eye-bolts – These bolts attach the pole to the cable.

Height Adjustment Collars – The collar is at the bottom of the pole and is a measuring point for how far to put the pole into the ground.

Hand Winch – The winch is attached the side of the posts and is used to crank the rope which will tighten the net and keep it taut.

Snap Hook Clips – These clips attach the end of the cable to the net attachment.

What Are The Most Popular 6′ X 4′ Soccer Goals?

What Are The Most Popular 6′ X 4′ Soccer Goals


Transcription of the Video

John – The most popular 6 x 4 goals going from the least expensive to the most expensive

include: 1. The Bownet 6 x 4 goal, which is a classical goal that fits into a bag. They can be carried

from site to site and can be put in the trunk of the car or the backseat of the car. 2. We have a

folding aluminum goal that folds flat so it is easy to store, transport and set up. 3. We have a

budget goal that is fully assembled and can’t be taken apart and it is also inexpensive. 4. We

have a one piece small-sided steel goal that is welded together, so it is extremely strong and

durable. This one has a cable-net attachment so it is easy to put the net on and take it off. It is

becoming more common for groups to look at the 3 and 4inch round aluminum goals with that

4 x 6 size. These are good for someone who wants them to have the look of a full size soccer

goal and we find those price-wise are a lot more expensive than most groups want to pay for 6 x

4 goals.