John Moynihan, owner and president of Keeper Goals, resides in Wauwatosa, WI.  John has run Keeper Goals for the past 15+ years.  During this time he has amassed a huge amount of knowledge about athletic facility equipment.  His goal and the goal of Keeper Goals is to provide consumers with information to help them make informed decisions when purchasing athletic facility equipment, so that the equipment purchased will meet the customers needs and budget.

Keeper Goals has been manufacturing quality sporting goods equipment in Wisconsin for over 30 years. Since 2001 Keeper Goals factory has been located in Butler, WI.  A Division of Demand and Precision Parts, Keeper Goals specializes in soccer goals, soccer nets, basketball poles and systems, bleachers, barrier netting, custom sporting goods products and more. We have partnered ourselves with select companies that share our commitment to excellence to provide durable and safe sporting goods equipment, for indoor and outdoor facilities, throughout the United States.

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