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Indoor Protective Padding

Indoor Protective Padding Video

Summary of the Video

Indoor Wall, Post and Rail Padding
  • We can provide indoor padding for walls, posts, rails, floors, doors and fences.
  • Padding is made with vinyl that is resistant to rot, mildew, fungus and UV light.

Available in Custom Colors

  • Choose any color from our color card which is shown above.
  • Contact us for a sample of your chosen color.
  • We also offer custom colors upon request. Contact us at info@keepergoals.com for more information

Customize with Text & Logos

Custom Logo and Text

  • Customize your padding with your organization’s name and/or logo for a professional look
  • To receive a quote, please send us your artwork in vector format, (.ia or .eps.)

Pad Size and Shape

Pad Shape

  • Choose from three standard shapes: Flat pads, Corner Pads or Column Pads.
  • Column pads are available with three or four sides.
  • Padding for rails can be made to fit.
  • Custom shape pads are also available, please contact us at info@keepergoals.com for more information.
  • Pads are available in any size, height and width.
  • For flat pads please specify the height and width.
  • For corner pads, please specify the width of both the side and the height.
  • For column pads, please specify the width of all the sides and the height.
  • For Rail Pads, draw out railing with inside and outside measurements and provide the rail diameter.

What Are The Most Popular 6′ X 4′ Soccer Goals?

What Are The Most Popular 6′ X 4′ Soccer Goals


Transcription of the Video

John – The most popular 6 x 4 goals going from the least expensive to the most expensive

include: 1. The Bownet 6 x 4 goal, which is a classical goal that fits into a bag. They can be carried

from site to site and can be put in the trunk of the car or the backseat of the car. 2. We have a

folding aluminum goal that folds flat so it is easy to store, transport and set up. 3. We have a

budget goal that is fully assembled and can’t be taken apart and it is also inexpensive. 4. We

have a one piece small-sided steel goal that is welded together, so it is extremely strong and

durable. This one has a cable-net attachment so it is easy to put the net on and take it off. It is

becoming more common for groups to look at the 3 and 4inch round aluminum goals with that

4 x 6 size. These are good for someone who wants them to have the look of a full size soccer

goal and we find those price-wise are a lot more expensive than most groups want to pay for 6 x

4 goals.