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Everything You Need To Turn Your Indoor Facility Into A Futsal Court

Keeper Goals provides everything you need to turn your indoor facility into a futsal court!

Summary of the video

Thinking about turning your indoor facility into a futsal court? Keeper Goals can help make your space safe and efficient with divider curtains, futsal goals, nets and wall/pole protective padding!

Divider Curtains

Budget Track Curtain Divider

  • We offer a variety of divider curtains based on your specific needs and budget
  • The materials used to make the curtains are vinyl and flex mesh
  • Vinyl mesh is available in a variety of colors
  • Flex mesh is used for greater visibility

Protective Padding

Red protective pole pad with custom Chicago Fire logo.

Pole Pad with Custom Logo

  • We provide protective padding for posts, fences, walls and railings.
  • Customize your padding with your organizations name and/or colors
  • To receive a quote, please send us your artwork in vector format, (.ia or .eps).

Bleachers & Benches

3 Row Tip-And-Roll Bleachers

  • Our most popular bleachers include a 3 row “tip & roll” bleacher that provides mobility and easy storage
  • We offer a variety of team benches in different sizes and materials

Free Standing Players Bench With A Back Rest

  • The materials include: Wood, aluminum and steel

Futsal Goals

Round Aluminum Futsal Goal

  • Huge variety of goals to choose from
  • Custom goals and nets available
  • Our most popular goals are made from a 2″ square aluminum with push-button assembly
  • Custom paint to coordinate with your team’s color!