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How to Buy Custom Soccer Nets

Summary of the Video

What are the most common requests for custom soccer goal nets?

Custom Sizes

  • height, width, top depths and back depths
  • custom mesh sizes

Other requests

  • Logo Nets
  • Striped Nets
  • Checkered Nets

Logo Nets

  • We can print letters on the back of a small custom mesh net
  • NCAA just approved logos on soccer nets
  • We can print them on the windscreen that we sew on to the net

What factors influence cost of custom soccer goal nets?

Size of the Net/Mesh

  • There is a square footage cost for material
  • We can custom make nets in different mesh sizes and colors
  • The smaller the mesh is, the more expensive it is

What other factors should be taken into consideration when looking at custom goal nets?

The nets use

  • Indoor facilities with high traffic for shots would require a higher strength net with a smaller mesh
  • Higher strength nets are also recommended for facilities where multiple sports are played

The life of the net

  • Stronger nets with smaller mesh last longest
  • Our most common mesh size, 2-inches, sees an average life span of 3-7 years

Custom Colors

  • There are certain materials that nets only come in specific colors
  • We can paint colors onto the net but it gets expensive and will wear over time
  • We recommend getting a net in a standard color with the size that best fits your needs
  • You can get checkered or striped nets but can get very expensive

Transcription of the Audio

What are the most common requests for custom soccer goal nets?

John – We do get a lot of customer requests for soccer nets.  The main things that we get asked for are custom sizes. People want different heights, widths, top depths and back depths.  We also get asked for different mesh sizes on those. Other common requests that we get are for logo nets, stripe nets or checkered nets. We can do logo nets in a number of different ways. The most common is by printing letters on the back of a small mesh net that we can custom. The other way is by printing on the windscreen that we then sew into the net. The NCAA just approved putting logos on soccer nets. The best way to do that is by printing a logo on a windscreen and sewing it onto the back of the net.

What factors influence cost of custom soccer goal nets?

John – Influences on the cost of custom nets is the size of the net. There is a square footage cost for material. The size of the net is going to matter in regards to the cost. The mesh size is going to matter as well. Most soccer nets have a 4-inch mesh net or smaller. The smaller the mesh is, the more expensive it is. We can custom make nets in different mesh sizes. We commonly use a 2-inch mesh as it is available in multiple colors including: white, black, royal blue, yellow, gray and there is sand that we can have the net made out of.

What other factors should be taken into consideration when looking at custom goal nets?

John – Other considerations people should use when ordering custom nets is how the net is being used.  If it is indoor facility that has high traffic for shots being taken on that goal should go with a higher strength net and possibly a smaller mesh net. It also depends on if other sports are being played in that area especially in an indoor setting and then that net would stop the ball of that size. We are commonly seeing indoor buildings having lacrosse being played on their soccer goals but they cannot stop lacrosse balls so balls sometimes are going out of that area. You should consider the sports that are being played there besides soccer. Other considerations include how long a net will last. Typically, the stronger and smaller the mesh, the longer it is going to last. We see 2-inch mesh nets lasting in an outdoor setting somewhere between three to seven years. The smaller the mesh, the more holes have to be in it before you have to replace it. We do get a lot of requests for custom colors. There are certain materials that nets only come in on those colors. We can paint colors on the net but that gets expensive and tends to wear out over time. The dye on the net only lasts for a certain period of time. Our recommendation will be to get a net in a standard color and get the size you want. If you want a checkered or stripe net, we have stocked ones of those that we can do. Customs nets that are checkered or striped get very expensive but what we can do that with paint.




Shopping For Back-up Netting For Your Baseball, Lacrosse, Softball or Soccer Facility? Here are 3 Tips To Help You Shop Better…

Back-up netting at soccer stadium.Back-up netting behind soccer goal.Back-up netting for your soccer, lacrosse, baseball, or softball facility can help protect buildings, cars, fans and passers-by. The protection offered by back-up netting makes it a worthwhile investment. Just how big an investment you ask?  Well, that depends, there are so many options.

Many variables affect what type of back-up netting system you should choose;  budget, climate,  how the net will be used,  who will be maintaining the netting system, to name a few.  To insure you’ll get back-up netting that will meet your needs and fit your budget do some homework before you start shopping.

1.) Determine what your needs are;

• Will you need just the nets or will you need a complete back-up netting system with something to anchor the netting such as posts?

• Will the nets stay up all the time?  if not how often will they need to be taken down?  Who will be taking them down, (trained maintenance staff or others?)

• Will the posts be permanent or will they need to be moved?  If they will need to be moved how often will they need to be moved and by whom?

• What will be the smallest object you are trying to stop? (This will help you determine what mesh size will work best for you.)

• How big an area do you want to protect with the netting?

2.)  Do some research and know some basic facts about back-up netting before you start getting prices.  We’ll get you started with our  recommendations for;

A. Height Of the Posts

• For soccer 20’ is the minimum, 25’ is better, 30’ will stop the majority of balls behind the goal

• For baseball and softball 30’ to 40’ is common for behind home plate

• For lacrosse 10′ is minimum, 15′ is better and 20′ is great

B.  Length Of the Net*

• Typically for soccer nets are installed behind the goals. 60’ wide is the minimum, 85’ is recommended and 132’ covers the width of the penalty box.

• Baseball and softball back-up netting is custom and is based on the needs of the facility.

• The width of lacrosse fields vary and so does the length of back-up nets.  The most common back-up nets for lacrosse are somewhere between 110′ – 170′.

*Keep in mind you will never stop all the balls in any sport. Obviously the bigger the net, the greater the chance of stopping more balls.

C. Size Of the Smallest Object You Want To Stop To Determine the Optimal Mesh Size

• Soccer, volleyball, football, basketball – 4” mesh

• Baseball or softball -1 ¾” or 1 7/8” mesh

• Lacrosse and hockey – 1 ½” or 1 3/16” mesh

• Golf – 7/8” mesh

3. Plan ahead so you can set a realistic budget.

In our experience most people underestimate the cost of a good back-up netting system.  Quality, durable back-up net systems aren’t cheap, but a well designed system will last for many years.  As with most big projects, it’s best to plan well in advance.

When planning for your system it will be best for your budget to opt for a stationary back-up netting system.  If your facility can utilize a stationary system the costs will be less than a sleeved or ground anchor system and considerably less than a portable system.  Portable systems are by far the most expensive.

To learn more Download our Back-up Net Buyers Guide >