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Keeper Goals has been manufacturing quality sporting goods equipment, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for over 40 years. A Division of Demand and Precision Parts, Keeper Goals specializes in soccer goals, soccer nets, basketball poles and systems, bleachers, barrier netting, custom sporting goods products and more. We have partnered ourselves with select companies that share our commitment to excellence to provide durable and safe sporting goods equipment, for indoor and outdoor facilities, throughout the United States.

Family Owned and Operated For Over 40 Years!

At Keeper Goals we manufacture and distribute quality sport and park equipment used by schools, parks and sports clubs across the United States. Keeper Goals is a division of Demand and Precision Parts, a metal cutting company founded by Jim Moynihan in 1974 in Wisconsin.

In 1978 the company’s first pair of soccer goals were built for the grade school Jim’s kids attended, St. Jude’s Elementary in Wauwatosa, WI. The goals were well-made and safe. Word spread and other organizations were interested in them. Jim decided to start manufacturing and selling soccer goals. Keeper Goals is now a leading manufacturer/distributor of products for a wide variety of sports. We can help you meet your equipment needs for fields, stadiums, courts, gyms, indoor arenas, parks, and more.

The People of Keeper Goals

Visit our staff page to learn about the people who built and continue to build Keeper Goals.

Our Philosophy

If you are going to make equipment – make great equipment. If you are going to sell products, sell quality products.

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We recognize budgets aren’t all created equally. Our aim is to offer the best quality product possible at several different price points.

We will be happy to work with you to find the equipment that best suits your needs. We believe in creating long lasting relationships. Our customer service is unparalleled in the industry. Keeper Goals produces many products in our factory in Wisconsin. Other products are produced by companies we have partnered with. We have taken great care to partner with companies that share our commitment to excellence in providing durable and safe sports and park equipment.

Keeper Goals Products Now Include:

  • 20+ different types of soccer goals
  • Goals for hockey, lacrosse, and football
  • Basketball systems
  • Volleyball and tennis standards
  • Nets for any sport, back-up netting, cages and barrier netting
  • Gym and stadium equipment such as bleachers and player shelters
  • Park equipment

Keeper Goals Custom Projects Include:

  • Goals, shelters, or benches painted to match school or club colors!
  • Equipment built to specification to meet storage or space requirements!
  • Back-up, barrier or divider net systems designed for a specific area!
  • Equipment designed with specific wheel configurations to meet storage and usage requirements!

Check Out Our Portfolio of Custom Projects!

Keeper Goals Specializes In Custom Projects!

Our Business Plan

We keep our marketing and advertising budgets low. We focus on maintaining a slow and steady pattern of growth. These practices enable us to offer a better product than our competitors at a fair price and to provide customer service that is unparalleled in the industry.

Our Promise To You

The quality of our service and products will ensure working with Keeper Goals will exceed your expectations. We look forward to speaking with you more about what Keeper Goals can do for you in the future.