4″ x 2″ Aluminum Soccer Goals

$1,620.00$3,000.00 /pr.

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Product Description

Movable soccer goal built of powder-coated, lightweight  2”x 4” rectangular aluminum tubing with rounded corners and durable aluminum castings.

Includes 2” round aluminum backstays. Also includes net with StayNet net fasteners, stakes and bungees for attaching the net to galvanized steel ground bar. Meets ASTM standards when anchored. Meets NFSHA rules.

Available In Multiple Sizes:

8′ x 24′
Model #SGM-42-824W 8′ h x 24′ w x 3′ td x 8” bd, 175 lbs. per goal)

7′ x 21′
Model #SGM-42-721W (7′ h x 21′ w x 3′ td x 7” bd, 160 lbs. per goal)

6’6″ x 18’6″
Model #SGM-42-66186W (6’6″ h x 18’6″ w x 3′ td x 6’6″‘ bd, 130 lbs. per goal)

6’6″ x 12′
Model #SGM-42-6612W (6’6″ h x 12′ w x 3′ td x 6’6″‘ bd, 115 lbs. per goal)

4’6” x 9’
Model #SGM-42-469W (4’6″ h x 9’ w x 2′ td x 4.5′ bd, 75 lbs. per goal)

4′ x 6′
Model #SGM-42-46W (4’h x 6’w x 2′ td x 4.5′ bd, 60 lbs. per goal)

Also available in budget friendly unpainted version. Contact us for prices on unpainted 4″ x 2″ Aluminum Soccer Goals.

***Please Note: ASTM guidelines require movable soccer goals be anchored or secured at ALL times!  Keeper Goals recommends Duckbill Anchors to secure movable soccer goals. Learn more by visiting our safety page ->

Meets ASTM safety standards for soccer goals when anchored and assembled per manufacturer’s directions.

Ask For Model #SGM-428-24W

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