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Information on Purchasing Basketball Hoops With Installation Included in Southeastern Wisconsin

Looking to buy a basketball hoop for your home from us, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of installing it? We offer basketball hoop installation when you buy your basketball system from us and your home is in Southeastern Wisconsin. Installation costs vary based on the system purchased. Contact us for a quote on the installation of your basketball hoop.

Additional Information on Southeastern Wisconsin basketball hoop installation:

  • Service call – Minimum charge of $125.00
  • You must contact Diggers Hotline before installation. Call 811 or visit
  • Any specific instructions for the placement of your basketball system must be communicated directly with the installer before the installation of the anchor or pole.

Extra charges on installation will apply if any of the following are needed:

  • Digging thru asphalt
  • Digging thru cement
  • Removal of your old system (cut down)
  • Digging out your old system. (Price will vary depending on depth & width of the hole. Extra concrete may be needed.)
  • Removal of dirt or rock from the site.
  • Hand digging around irrigation lines.

Installation is available on many systems including Goalsetter Signature Series, Goalsetter Extreme Series, PROFormance PROView Series, PROFormance PROForce Series.  Contact us for a quote on the installation of your basketball hoop.

Other systems from Pro Shot, Mega Slam, Bison, First Team, Gared, Douglas, Pro Dunk, Spalding and others available. Call 800-594-5126 or 262-781-7800 8am-5pm CST M-F for details.