A box-style soccer goal is a goal that has equal back-depth on the top and the bottom of the goal. For example a soccer goal with a height of 8′, a width of 24′ a top back-depth of 6′ and bottom back-depth of 6′ would be a box-style soccer. Whereas another popular size goal with a height of 8′, a width of 24′ a top back-depth of 3′ and bottom back-depth of 8′ would not be.
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On all M88w goals the height of wheel takes into account the height of the goals – so a 8 x 24 goal is 8’ from ground up- the wheels on these goals always stay attached. The slide comes down in front to take up the room. (See pictures on web site and You tube video on moving them.)

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The key factors to consider when determining this are:

A) What age groups will be using the goals?

  • You will want goals that use 8’ h x 24’ wide goals
  • For kids 12 and younger playing 8v8, 5v5, or 3v3 you will want smaller goals

B) Will the goals stay in place after the event is over to be used for the future? And Do you want the goals to meet USYSA, FIFA, NFHS, NCAA regulations?

  • If leaving goals in place after event and you want official goals that can be used for future events we recommend the MAL or Elite 4” round soccer goals (8×24). However, if you don’t need to meet NFHS then we recommend MSG 3’ round
  • goals

  • If just for a one time event then we recommend 2” aluminum goals SGE2-824 or #PSGE2-824-BB (with back stays) OR Bow Nets
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  • If keeping the shooting goal in one area we recommend Economy Flat Soccer Shooting Goal (Ask for model ##EFSG-2-824, #EFSG-2-618, or #EFSG-2-49). These shooting goals are also great for breaking down into small pieces for storage.
  • If looking for a shooting goal you want to breakdown and easily transport in a car then we recommend the FFIT Soccer shooting Goal
  • If looking for a shooting goal in your back yard we recommend one of our Soccer Rebounder Goals (Ask for Model #SGR-612, #SGR-6618, or #SGR-Custom)
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It is time-consuming to weld connectors and string cable. We feel it is worth the time to create an easier product for our customer.

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