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Tension Gym Divider Net


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Product Description

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An easy way to hang nets that need to disappear when not in use. Requires no permanent structure or cables. Easy to install and sets up in minutes without the need for ladders or lifts.  Netting can be sized for any application. Please indicate your Wall Span (distance between anchoring walls) if requesting a quote.

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  • No cable or frame on the ceiling.
  • An inexpensive way to hang nets that needs to disappear.
  • Net can be removed and put away without any horizontal cable or track being suspended in the air.


  • Wall and/or beams must be properly made to support the load for connections.
  • Your net stores in a storage container.
  • There will be some sag on the net.
  • May not be possible on fields with large spans to cover.

Options For Moving a Phantom Divider Net:

  • Winch System – For medium to large areas
  • Camlock and Pulley System – For smaller areas

Best Material Options For a Phantom Net:

  • Nylon Netting
  • HTTP Netting

Ask For Model #PHANTOM-NET

Need price, shipping cost or want to order? Contact us.