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Gym Divider Nets

Gym Divider Nets make it possible for you to divide your athletic facility into sections.  Multiple groups can use the space at the same time for similar or different activities.

A wide variety of netting materials can be used including knotted nylon, knotless nylon and HTTP.

Some advantages of using nets as gym dividers vs. other materials:

  • Netting is lighter weight than curtains
  • Netting lets light through, easy for spectators to see through
  • A tension net system is an option, (whereas it is not an
    option with mesh or vinyl curtains)
  • Flame retardant nets are available when needed

Some disadvantages of using nets as gym dividers vs. other materials:

  • Nets will stretch out of shape over time

Gym Divider Net Systems

You have several options regarding how you will move your gym divider nets.

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