Walk-Draw Gym Divider Net

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Product Description

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Need to separate your gym into sections for different sports or classes? Walk Draw Gym Divider Nets can be customized to provide the capability to divide your athletic facility into sections and can be moved easily by one person. Divider nets can be hung on a track or cables. (Netting can be hung on cables as long cable can get tension and the span is not too long for cable.)

  • One person can easily pull the curtain open or shut
  • Nets can be made in various widths and heights and can be custom-designed for your athletic facility.
  • Nets can be made from a variety of materials including Nylon, HTTP, and PE
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Wondering if you should get a divider curtain or divider net? Key differences between divider nets and divider curtains:

*Shipping costs not included in prices listed.