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Side view of Premium Hardshell Bleacher Cover with white posts for 10 row bleachers in a baseball stadium.

New Product Release – Premium Hard Shell Bleacher Cover

May 7, 2023  Butler, WI Keeper Goals announced an addition to their product line: Premium Hard Shell Bleacher Cover, a permanent protective bleacher structure with a metal roof and cantilever design. This unique type of cover for bleachers can provide numerous benefits, enhancing the overall experience for spectators and improving the functionality of the venue. […]


Common Materials Used For Gym Divider Curtains; Reviewing Your Options

IN THIS ARTICLE Introduction Combination Vinyl/Mesh Gym Dividers Combination Vinyl/Netting Gym Dividers Standard Mesh Flex-Mesh Netting Vinyl Pro-Tips FAQ’s Sorting Through Your Options To Choose the Best Gym Divider Material If you’ve been looking at divider curtains or nets for your gym, you’ll know you have multiple options regarding which fabric will be best for […]

Soccer goal dimensions and material requirements

The Ultimate Guide To U.S. Soccer Goal Dimensions & Material Requirements (2023)

Soccer Goal Size and Material Requirements For Soccer Goals For Soccer Organizations In the United States IN THIS ARTICLE Introduction FIFA FIFA FUTSAL NCAA NFHS US Youth Soccer AYSO MASL Blind Football Our Favorite Soccer Goals Soccer goals come in many different dimensions depending on the age or the need (practice, games, backyard, futsal, etc.). […]

5 Crucial factors to consider when buying aluminum bleachers

5 Crucial Factors To Consider When Purchasing Aluminum Bleachers

By Steve Lawrence – Outdoor bleachers are an important part of any type of athletic or park facility. Today we will focus primarily on aluminum bleachers from 2-rows up to 15-rows. Having young kids involved in sports myself, I have been going to more and more athletic facilities lately. I am always grateful to have […]

Tim Winn Celebrates 40 Year with Keeper Goals blog post.

Tim Winn Celebrates 40 Years With Keeper Goals

Keeper Goals celebrates the 40-year anniversary of shop manager Tim Winn’s employment with the company. John Moynihan, owner of Keeper Goals, said, Keeper Goals is a division of Demand & Precision Parts, Inc. A Wisconsin company founded in 1974. Keeper Goals began manufacturing soccer goals in 1978. In 1979, at age 19, Tim was coaching […]

Things to know if you are buying soccer goals blog post.

Things To Know If You Are Buying Custom Soccer Goal Nets

What are the most common requests for custom soccer goal nets? Custom size nets: Various heights, widths, top depths, and back depth Custom mesh sizes Other common requests: Striped nets Checkered nets Logo nets A few notes regarding logo nets: We can print letters and simple logos on a custom net with small mesh We can […]