New Product Release – Premium Hard Shell Bleacher Cover

May 7, 2023  Butler, WI

Side view of Premium Hardshell Bleacher Cover with white posts for 10 row bleachers in a baseball stadium.

Keeper Goals announced an addition to their product line: Premium Hard Shell Bleacher Cover, a permanent protective bleacher structure with a metal roof and cantilever design.

This unique type of cover for bleachers can provide numerous benefits, enhancing the overall experience for spectators and improving the functionality of the venue.

It will protect your spectators from the elements including the glare of the sun, rain, sleet, and snow. Your fans will be able to enjoy the game more comfortably regardless of the weather outside. The structure is designed to remain standing year-round. You will save time and resources previously spent assembling and disassembling seasonal structures each year.

The cantilever design means there are no posts at the front of the structure. Your fans will enjoy unobstructed viewing.

The covers are available in various sizes for 3 row, 5 row, and 10 row bleachers. Custom sizes are also available.

A hard shell bleacher cover helps protect the bleacher seats and other structures from exposure to the elements, reducing wear and tear. This can lower maintenance requirements, and minimize the need for costly repairs or replacements. It will also offer added safety for spectators by protecting them from potential hazards. It reduces the risk of injuries caused by adverse weather conditions such as slipping on wet surfaces or being exposed to extreme temperatures.

“We are excited to be able to offer Premium Hard Shell Bleacher Covers as a new product. They are unique in the industry because they offer protection from rain and snow as well as sun. Also, they can be left up year-round thanks to their design and hard shell top. They will fill a need in the market,” said Steve Lawrence, Keeper Goals Project Manager.

The Premium Hard Shell Bleacher Cover frame is built of durable steel tube, with 24-gauge exposed fastener metal roofing. The steel frames are factory powder coated for toughness in a choice of 16 colors. The roof is available in 23 colors.

The Premium Hard Shell Bleacher Cover is the latest addition to a group of products designed to provide protection for players, coaches and spectators. Other products include Shade Structures, Covered Athletic Team Benches, Bench Defenders, World Series Dugouts, Heavy-Duty Team Shelters, Economy Team Shelters, and Park Shelters.