New Product Release – Garage Door Vinyl Wraps

February 27, 2023, Butler, WI

Keeper Goals is changing to the color green

Keeper Goals announced an addition to their school and facility branding product line: Garage Door Vinyl Wraps. Garage Door Vinyl Wraps are a budget-friendly way to transform the look of your garage and overhead doors without having to replace them.

Garage Door Vinyl Wraps are made from 3M Matte Laminate Vinyl. They are suitable for commercial or residential use and can cover many garage door materials, including aluminum, wood, and even rough materials with texture.

They can be made to fit any size garage door. Customers can work with Keeper Goals graphic design team to create a custom-designed garage door wrap to showcase their school pride using their school colors, logos, and graphics.

“We are excited to offer Garage Door Vinyl Wraps. We’ve seen time and again how our other branding products have completely transformed the look and feel of school spaces. We are thrilled to be now able to offer Garage Door Wraps. They work especially well on overhead and garage doors in concession and storage areas. They can define a space, making it look special for a reasonable cost,” said Steve Lawrence, Keeper Goals Project Manager.

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Our Vinyl Garage Door Wraps are suitable for either commercial or residential use.

We can make the Garage Door Vinyl Wraps to fit virtually any size garage door.

For inside use, you can expect a 12 – 15 years life span with normal wear and tear. For exterior use, if you use uv laminate, there is a 5-year warranty against fading, cracking, peeling.

Yes, there is a 5-year manufacturer defect warranty for the Garage Door Vinyl Wraps.

Aluminum, wood, drywall, a rough wall with some texture.

We can cover imperfections and corrugated metals. The certified 3M installers will cut around the windows, hardware. They will also cut out the spots where the garage separates when it moves to retract onto the ceiling.

Certified 3M installers install the garage door wrap. We would recommend you DON’T install it yourself.

These graphics are removable if needed, but it takes some work. They can be removed with heat guns and some effort to roll the graphics off.