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Goalsetter basketball poles, hoops, and pads.


Goalsetter hoops are made in the USA with their headquarters in Iowa. The anchor system is unique to Goalsetter and allows you to take your hoop with you if you ever move. Goalsetter offers a variety of options to choose from which we will get into next time.

The Signature Series has an offset pole that minimizes any shaking. It has a compression crank which is located inside the pole. There is only tension on the hoop when the crank is in use. The Signature Series has a raise and lower range of 6-10 feet allowing kids of all ages to play. Limited lifetime warrenty.

The Extreme Series has a straight pole giving it a clean look. The tension crank is on the outside of the pole giving you easy access when adjusting the hoop. The raising and lowering range is 7-10 feet. The Extreme Series is the cheaper of the two systems, but is still made with the same high-quality materials and has a limited lifetime guarantee.

Goalsetter’s anchor system uses a hinge pin to allow you to attach the pole, backboard and rim while the hoop is almost touching the ground. When this is done, all you have to do is push up the hoop and insert the bolts. What is really cool though is when you move, you can easily take your hoop down and move it with you!

Customers frequently ask us where to put their basketball hoop in their driveway. It’s important to put your hoop in a spot that maximizes court space on your driveway.

A couple of things to remember:

  • Put it in a spot that reduces that chance of your car hitting it,
  • Put it close to cement to ensure stability, and
  • Remember there will be at least 2 feet of overhang from where the pole is

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