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Jon Seboe

Keeper Goals was a great partner in setting up The Quarry, (Lannon Stonemen Indoor Baseball Facility). Lannon Stonemen Youth Baseball is a small community-based select baseball club. After raising enough funds to open our own indoor baseball practice facility, we needed a local partner we could trust and bring us the most value for our […]

Zachary Coyle

“Everything went perfectly with the wall wrap project we did with Keeper Goals. With my job, it’s hard to please everyone. I can honestly say that every single person is happy with how the wall wraps came out at our campus east lacrosse/field hockey facility. Coaches, administrators, and my boss (head of all athletic facilities). […]

Sam Koenig

“John Moynihan and staff at Keeper Goals are the top in the business. Service, product, and delivery always exceed expectations and they truly care about the customer. They will do whatever it takes to make the solution work for each individual. We will continue to go to Keeper Goals for all of our soccer equipment […]

Ben John

“We have had over 30 years of experience working with John and Keeper Goals. They are simply the best in the business. If customer service and working with trusted people who will be there for you at every turn is important to you, then there is no one else that is better than Keeper Goals. […]

Erin Coppernoll

“I have been in the coaching industry for over 20 years and would highly recommend the Moynihan family and Keeper Goals business to anyone.  They provide exceptional equipment and most importantly impeccable customer service.  Our university has used them for other sports outside of soccer as well and have been extremely happy with what they […]

Bob Spielmann

“When it comes to Soccer equipment (sport equipment) there a lot of people that talk a good game, but John Moynihan and the Staff at KEEPER GOALS make it happen. They are professional, courteous and bend over backwards to satisfy all your soccer needs. I have used Keeper Goals as long as I can remember […]

Anthony Evrard

“At Keepers Goals, you are always working with a very reliable team that understands the importance of paying attention to every single detail. A prompt and action-oriented company!”

Susan Hopkins-Terrell

Hello this is Sue from Norwich Free Academy: Just wanted to forward a small video of the Tension Net System we purchased from you and show how simple it was to install and use. We have just begun to teach inside as the Fall weather has been so mild.  This video show a soccer class on […]