13 Simple Ways To Add Branding To Your School, (Including Some Lower Cost Options)

Blue vinyl wrap with Wildcat Pride in yellow text and a yellow wildcat with white stairs in front of the wall.

The Benefits of School Branding

Adding branding elements can help create a sense of community among your students, staff, and community members. Seeing branded elements like school logos, mascots, and school colors can help grow and foster a sense of school spirit and pride. They help create a recognizable visual identity for the school, making it easier for people to recognize your school. This can help students feel rooted and more at home at school.

Additionally, school branding can be helpful in today’s competitive market, where schools compete for students and resources. A school with a strong brand identity can appear more professional and credible. This can help build trust with parents, students, donors, and other stakeholders. To sum it up, adding branding elements to your school building can help create a more cohesive and connected school community while promoting the school’s identity and reputation within the greater community.

If you are a school administrator thinking about adding some branding elements to your school, the good news is there are some branding elements you can add without breaking the bank. We’ll discuss 13 ways to brand your school, including a few lower-cost options below. But first, let’s lay out the major factors contributing to a branding project’s overall cost to ensure you don’t get surprised when you get the final bill.

The Three Major Components Contributing to the Cost of a Branding Project


How much design time will be needed and the cost depends on the project’s scope and whether or not you have finished artwork to provide, partially finished artwork to provide, or are starting from scratch.

Scenario 1 – You have finished the artwork and are ready to hand it off.

To add branding to your school, you’ll need art. Perhaps you already have finished artwork ready to go from your school’s design or marketing department. If you do, this could significantly cut down your overall cost for the project. If you are supplying your art, most branding companies will provide art guidelines for you to follow for the items to be printed.  For one example of art guidelines, click here to see Keeper Goal art guidelines for schools submitting their own artwork for branding products.

Scenario 2 – You need artwork created.

If you need a graphic designer to create your artwork for you, do not worry. Many companies that produce branding products offer design services as well. (Be prepared to pay for this service.) You’ll need to provide information for the graphic designer to work with. As an example, if you decide to work with Keeper Goals on this type of product, here is a list of the information we would need;

  • Your school logo in vector form (a vector file will typically have a .ai or .eps extension)
  • Your school colors (Pantone numbers)
  • If your school has a required font, please let us know
  • Any verbiage you want to use, such as character words or school slogans.
  • When you want to use photos, we’ll ask for high-resolution photos.


You’ll need to pay for the actual physical product (i.e., wall wrap, door wrap, locker insert, gym banner, etc.) The cost of the product can vary greatly based on how much you’ll need, what type of product you need, and the quality of the product you select. Some types of materials are inherently more expensive than others.  For instance, regarding Vinyl Wall Wraps, the material you use will depend on the type of wall or area being covered.  For example, rough and cinder block walls will require a different material than smooth, dry walls. Both materials are still Vinyl, but they are different types.

Sometimes, while the material cost might be relatively low, installing that particular type of material might be more expensive than another type. It pays to ask a lot of questions upfront. When planning for material costs, include production time and cost and shipping or delivery charges.


Once you’ve spent your time, energy, and money creating beautiful branding products, you’ll want to ensure they are installed properly. Many products require certified 3M installers to do the job correctly.

However, there are a few products where professional installation is unnecessary, and you can do it yourself. This can save you quite a bit of money.

13 Ideas To Add Branding to Your School Building:


Ok, Vinyl Door Wraps aren’t exactly cheap. However, when you compare them to the cost of replacing doors, you will likely consider them cost-effective. Remember, wrapping one door can be pretty pricey due to the cost of sending a certified installer for just one door.

However, if you wrap multiple doors, the project becomes more economical. And another bonus of wrapping multiple doors is that you can do more with the design. Door wraps are certainly something to consider if you have an entire bank of doors to work with. Are you wondering how a design could change to cover 1 door panel versus 3 versus 6? Click here to see how the design team would adapt one school’s logo to cover 1, 2, 4, and 6 door panels. 

We’ve seen Vinyl Door Wraps used effectively in gymnasiums where a large group of doors become a focal point. You can use this large and highly visible space to brand your school. Remember, when wrapping a door, you may do a different design on the inside and the outside of the same door.

They can be designed to cover any size and material of the door, from a small laundry chute door to a large overhead garage door. The most common type of door wrap is for a single or double standard door – the type that is in a typical office, classroom, training room, or classroom. Designs range from a one-color background with a basic logo to more intricate designs.

We recommend a professional certified 3M installer install Vinyl Door Wraps.


Red, white and black window graphic with ram logo and the WRAMS in white text on red background.

First, let’s talk about Perforated Window Film, often called Window Perf.  You could choose to wrap entire banks of windows. This could entirely transform the look of your school building.

If you wrap many windows, this project could get costly. However, depending on the design of your building, it may be possible to achieve a dramatic design shift by wrapping just a few window panes in key spots or even just one large window. And this could be cost-effective.

Perforated Window Film allows you to create almost endless types of designs. You can print any color and design on it. So, you are only limited by your imagination. It protects your privacy by creating a one-way visual barrier from the outside while still allowing people to see through it from the inside. We recommend a professional certified 3M installer install Perforated Window Film.

The second popular type of window graphic is Glass Film.

White window film inside a door frame with a wildcat logo on it.

Two popular types of Glass Film are Frosted Vinyl and Etched Vinyl. Both are decorative films used on windows and glass or other smooth surfaces. Frosted Vinyl mimics the appearance of frosted glass through a layer of adhesive vinyl with a frosted finish. It provides privacy and a contemporary look. Etched Vinyl replicates the texture and design of etched glass. Both films offer privacy, reduced glare, and easy application and removal.

Frosted and/or Etched Vinyl are the ideal films for enhancing your entrance doors or office windows with custom-cut graphics. School logos, mission statements,  and slogans are just a few ways to convey and reinforce a message to students and staff.

Glass films offer varying levels of privacy while still allowing for natural light. Available in many patterns and textures, with endless custom design options, glass films are a lower-cost alternative to specialized glass. You can use Frosted Vinyl and Etched Vinyl on doors or windows to cover an entire door or window and add a spot graphic, logo, or band.

Design costs can range from very low to high depending on the project’s scope. We recommend a professional certified 3M installer install Frosted and Etched Vinyl Glass Films.


Blue and green window perf on school building windows

Locker Wraps are a great and affordable way to completely transform the look of your school’s hallways or locker rooms. Because lockers often occupy so much visual space in a school, transforming the look of the lockers can go a long way towards changing the look and feel of the school. You can create eye-catching designs using your school logo, graphics, photos, or keywords and use your school lockers to show your passion, pride, and loyalty to your school.

You can wrap any size or shape locker. Locker Wraps are suitable for use on metal, polycarbonate, plastic, or virtually any other type of material lockers are commonly made from.

Pro Tip: If you continue to use the lockers, you will want to consider whether or not you want to cover parts of the locker that may be easy for people to damage. For example, if the lockers have perforated holes or vents and these are covered with Vinyl, they would be easy for someone to poke through with a pen and damage because there is no backing. However, in situations where lockers aren’t going to be in use, and they are wrapped to be used almost like as a billboard to show school pride, covering the full locker completely should be fine because there would be less use/traffic and no opening or closing of the lockers.

We recommend a professional certified 3M installer install Locker Wraps.


Royal blue logo of the letters B and A outlined in yellow on a band of royal blue with yellow border on a brick wall.

Dimensional Wall Displays add physical depth to your brand and are available in custom depths, materials, and sizes. You can choose to do a dimensional cutout of your logo or letters or graphic, or anything you’d like to highlight. You can even add LED backlighting. You simply plug in the LED light, and a remote allows you to change colors.

Dimensional Wall Displays are typically direct prints on Dibond. Mounting options include 1″ Stand-offs or a French cleat.

Some popular places where Dimensional Wall Displays are used include coaches’ offices, the main office waiting area front desk, and weight rooms.

Installation for Dimensional Wall Displays is similar to hanging a picture up. So, professional installation is not necessary.



Pink and baby blue fabric corner flags with Forward Madison flamingo logo on them.

Flags add color, dimension, and movement to your brand. They are available in many sizes and shapes and can be printed with virtually any design. With very few exceptions, there is no need for professional installation. Here’s some information on some popular types of flags:

  • Custom Corner Flags are typically used on soccer fields. The flags are relatively small, and the finished flags are typically about 16″ wide x 11″ high. The printable area is approximately 14″ wide x 11″ high. While Custom Corner Flags are typically used on soccer fields, you may have other places to display them. They add a nice pop of visual interest for a low price point. There is no need for professional installation of custom corner flags. Slide them over your existing corner flag post and attach the two clips included with the flags.
  • Cheer Flags (sometimes called Spirit Flags or Field Runner Flags) are another popular flag type. They are on a pole with a custom logo and/or team name. They are run across the field during sporting events, often by a cheer team member, student fan, or mascot.  Cheer Flags range from about 3′ x 5′ up to 8′ x 8′. They can be printed on one or both sides.
  • Stadium Flags can be seen flying at the top of the stands at sporting events. They are often pennant or rectangular shaped. They will typically be mounted to hardware attached to the fencing on the top row of bleachers or on top of a press box and will frequently be double-sided.


Floor Mats are a simple and creative way to add branding elements to a school building. They can be used on the floors of hallways or common areas both inside and outside the school.

You can choose mats made from absorbent material or all rubber mats. The all rubber floor mats feature containment borders, which protect your floors by trapping dirt, oil, and water.

They can feature the school’s logo or other designs to promote school spirit and identity. Floor mats are available in multiple sizes.  Floor mats are most cost-effective if bought in bulk.

Professional installation is not necessary.


Two green and gold banners with the words preble hornets on one and a hornet and hornets strong on another, both attached to a black pole.

Light Pole Banners are a relatively inexpensive way to add branding elements outside your school, gym, or stadium.  You can turn your parking lot or walkway into a branding opportunity with logos and graphics or virtues and values.

If you have the proper hardware for your light poles, professional installation of the banners is typically not required.


White cement block wall with horizontal bliue and red vinyl banding graphic with a beaver in the middle in school hallway.

If wrapping an entire wall is out of the question because it is not in the budget, you might consider Wall Banding.  A row of vinyl banding, typically about 1 foot to 18″ high, is installed on a wall. Often it is installed horizontally, along the top of a wall where it meets the ceiling or over a doorway, bank of windows, whiteboard, or lockers. However, it could be installed vertically as well.

Popular locations for Wall Banding are locker rooms, weight rooms, meeting rooms, and hallways. A favorite design technique to make the most of your Wall Banding budget is a vinyl cut logo in the middle with banding off to each side.

We recommend a professional certified 3M installer install Wall Banding.


Bulletin board in a school hallway with yellow paper on it.

Locker Endcaps are a great way to dress up a locker room on a budget. Custom-designed graphics are printed directly onto PVC with UV inks and can be made to fit any size locker.

Showcase your school pride by printing your logo, team slogan, or values on locker endcaps. The endcaps are prepared with VHB tape along the perimeter, making them easy to install.

One of the great benefits of Locker Endcaps is you can install them yourself.


Vinyl Logos are great for adding interest and a pop of color to a small space. They can be created in a variety of sizes, from very small to extremely large. The ideal size for your logo will depend on the shape of your logo and the size of the area you are looking to cover.

They can be attached to most smooth surfaces and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. You can put them on a wall or door in almost any building area. Add them to pillars, walls, trash cans, signs, bleachers, dugouts, or any other spot you want to dress up with your logo. We use them often on the backrests of player benches.

Pro tip: Ask for a contour cut if you want just the logo’s shape. Otherwise, you will get a logo with a border around it that may not be aesthetically pleasing. (Think of putting a bumper sticker on your surface instead of a cutout logo.)

You’ll want to check with the manufacturer to see if professional installation is recommended for Vinyl Logos. Some smaller Vinyl Logos may not require it, while larger Vinyl Logos will likely require professional installation.


Bulletin board in a school hallway with yellow paper on it.

A unique and surprisingly sneaky way to add branding in an unexpected spot is to add it to the Stair Risers in your school. This lets you showcase your messaging/brand in highly visible, high-traffic areas.

It’s important to note that this branding can look very different from different vantage points. This can offer a nice surprise as the viewer approaches the stairs straight on, and the design begins to come together.

We recommend a professional certified 3M installer install Stair Risers.


Bulletin board in a school hallway with yellow paper on it.

Pillar Wraps can give you a lot of bang for your buck, especially if the design is done well. They can be designed to contrast with the surroundings and stand out, highlighting your message or school brand. The design possibilities are endless!

Pillar Wraps can be made for square or rounded, smooth or textured pillars. They are great for common areas like hallways, entryways, and cafeterias.

We recommend a professional certified 3M installer install Pillar Wraps.


Bulletin board in a school hallway with yellow paper on it.

Vinyl Wraps For Roll-Up Doors can completely transform the look and feel of your concession stand, cafeteria counter area or garage doors. They also work well in facilities that have athletic facility ticket entrances, maintenance areas, shipping areas, sheds, and many other places where roll-up doors are commonly used.

Use your school colors, logos, and graphics to show your pride and school spirit.

We recommend a professional certified 3M installer install Vinyl Wraps For Roll-Up Doors.


Read on for a few tips to help you get more for your money when purchasing branding items for your classroom, weight room, training room, locker room, office, team room, or any spot in your school.

First, do your homework. Look for online and real-life examples of what other schools have done.

Then, if you know what you want and can give print-ready art to the company you are working with to produce your branding items, you’ll minimize your design costs.

If you don’t have print-ready art and need their help, you’ll likely fall into one of two categories. Either you’ll have a pretty good idea of what you want. Or you have a very general idea of what you want and need help crystallizing your vision. Let’s look at both scenarios.

1.) You have a pretty good idea of what you want.

    • Be as clear as possible about what you have in mind.
    • Look for similar pictures of what others have done (online, magazines, catalogs, etc.)
    • Be ready to specify exactly what you like about the photos.
      • For example, “I like this one because of the layered effect. I like this because of the bold colors.”
      • For example, “I like this because of the combination of elements, a bold font, and black and white photos.”

2.) You have a general idea of what you want and need help crystallizing your vision.

  • Let the firm make suggestions, and don’t be afraid to go with their suggestions.
  • They’ve likely done many of these projects and probably know what works and what doesn’t. They’ll be more than happy to share their experience with you.


Adding branding elements to your school can help create a sense of community and pride for your students, staff, and others in your school community. Branded elements such as logos, mascots, and school colors can help foster school spirit and pride. They also create a recognizable visual identity for the school, making it easier for people to recognize it in person and in marketing materials. Schools compete for students and resources in today’s competitive market, and a strong brand identity can help make a school appear more professional and credible. Adding branding elements can also help differentiate your school in the marketplace.

When planning for branding projects, remember that the major factors contributing to cost are design time, material cost, and installation cost. Be sure to include production time/cost and shipping or delivery charges when estimating material cost. Additionally, design time can vary depending on the project’s scope, and some products may require certified 3M installers for proper installation. By carefully planning and considering affordable options, adding branding elements to your school can help create a more cohesive and connected school community while also promoting the school’s identity and reputation within the greater community.

Fortunately, you can start by adding smaller branding items to your school, even on a limited budget.

Have a school branding project in mind and wondering how much it will cost? Contact us, and we’ll happily answer any questions and provide quotes on any items you are considering.