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Side view of Premium Hardshell Bleacher Cover with white posts for 10 row bleachers in a baseball stadium.

New Product Release – Premium Hard Shell Bleacher Cover

May 7, 2023  Butler, WI Keeper Goals announced an addition to their product line: Premium Hard Shell Bleacher Cover, a permanent protective bleacher structure with a metal roof and cantilever design. This unique type of cover for bleachers can provide numerous benefits, enhancing the overall experience for spectators and improving the functionality of the venue. […]

5 Crucial factors to consider when buying aluminum bleachers

5 Crucial Factors To Consider When Purchasing Aluminum Bleachers

By Steve Lawrence – Outdoor bleachers are an important part of any type of athletic or park facility. Today we will focus primarily on aluminum bleachers from 2-rows up to 15-rows. Having young kids involved in sports myself, I have been going to more and more athletic facilities lately. I am always grateful to have […]