Motorized Gym Divider Curtain

Motorized Gym Divider

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Product Description

A Motorized Gym Divider Curtain is mounted to the ceiling and raised and lowered by a motor. The divider folds up as it is raised. The biggest advantage is that one person can raise and lower the curtain on his/her own.

Several types of materials can be used to make Motorized Gym Dividers including Flex-Mesh, netting, and standard mesh. Read more about material options for gym dividers here.

It’s important to note that Motorized Gym Dividers  must be attached to a joist, so the building needs to be designed to support them.

Contact us to discuss if a Motorized Gym Divider Curtain is right for your facility. Our design team will be happy to discuss your situation and options with you.

Note: No electrical work is included.

Advantages of Motorized Gym Dividers:
One person can raise and lower the divider curtain or net.

Disadvantages of Motorized Gym Dividers:
Takes time to raise and lower divider curtain or net.
Motorized divider curtains and nets can be expensive.
Maintenance on motorized divider curtains and nets can be expensive.
They must attach to a joist, so the building needs to be designed for it.
Net is stored in-between or under beams.

Best Material Options For Motorized Gym Dividers:
Vinyl curtain with Standard Mesh top
Flex-Mesh curtain with vinyl base
Netting with D-rings sewn into it and weighted base
Note: Curtains are a better option for motorized systems than nets.

Information on material options:
Easy to see through
Strong, durable material
Holds it’s shape well
Available in a variety of colors, but white, gray, and black are the most common.

Standard Mesh
Strong durable material
Holds it shape well
Let’s light through, but not as easy to see through as Flex-Mesh
Colors: White and black common. A color chart of other options is also available upon request.

Durable material
Adds weight at bottom
You can’t see through it
Available in many colors

Combination Vinyl/Mesh
You can combine any height of vinyl with either Flex-Mesh or Standard Mesh. If you don’t want to see through part of the curtain, 8’ vinyl on the bottom with Standard Mesh above it is common. If you want to see through the curtain, a Flex-Mesh curtain with a vinyl base of 1’, 2’ or 3’ is a good choice.

A variety of options
You can see through it, although view can be obstructed depending on how big the mesh is.

Also common is an all Standard Mesh or all Flex-Mesh curtain with a strip of vinyl at the bottom with a pocket for a chain weight to help keep balls from rolling under the curtain when in use.

Want more information on material options before your purchase gym dividers? Check out our blog post; Common Material Options For Gym Dividers; Review Your Options.