Custom Outdoor Protective Padding For Poles, Posts and Rails

Custom Outdoor Protective Padding For Poles, Posts and Rails

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Product Description

Protective padding for outdoor poles, posts and rails.  Padding is polyurethane foam covered with an 18.5 oz vinyl covering. The vinyl covering is resistant to rot, mildew, fungus, and UV light making it ideal for use on outdoor structures. The vinyl has a breaking strength of 450 PSI, and a tear resistance of 85 pounds. It is ideal for outdoor sports facilities.

When panels with backing are required the panel front and edges shall be vinyl wrapped and securely stapled to the wood backer so the backer is not exposed on the front or the sides. Weep holes in the bottom for drainage.

Design Your Outdoor Padding. You choose ...

Pad Shape:

  • Flat pads with backing
  • Flat pads without backing to be wrapped around a pole or rail
  • Corner pads
  • Column pads
    • Available with 3 or 4 sides
  • Custom shape pads also available. Contact us for more information on other shapes of padding

Pad Size:

Pads are available in any size height and width.

  • For flat pads please specify the height and width.
  • For corner pads please specify the width of both side and the height.
  • For column pads please specify the width of all sides and the height.
  • For rail pads please draw out the railing with inside and outside measurements and provide the rail diameter.

Pad Color:

See Color Tab for color options. The color samples shown are approximations only. For exact colors please contact us and we’ll be happy to send a sample. Custom colors also available. Contact us for a sample or information on custom color options.

Logo and/or text:

Customize your padding with your organization’s name and/or logo for a professional look. To obtain a quote for printing your logos and text please send us your artwork in vector format, (.ia or .eps).

Mounting Options:

• 1” Fabric-wrapped mounting flanges at top and bottom
• Z-Clip at top and 1” flange at bottom
• Z-Clips at top and bottom (no flanges)

Foam Options:

• 2” thick polyurethane foam
• 2” thick FR Safepad foam
• 2” thick Rebond foam
• Custom options also available

Backer Options:

• Standard backer is OSB/wafer board
• Custom options also available


Custom Outdoor Protective Padding Color Options:

Color swatches of Advantage MVP 18 oz vinyl.

* Color swatches are approximations only. For exact match please contact us to request a color sample.

** Custom colors may also be available. Contact us for information on custom colors.