Outdoor Tension Batting Cage

Outdoor Tension Batting Cage

$8,040.00$14,880.00 /ea.

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Product Description

Outdoor Tensioned Batting Cages for baseball and softball are constructed with ONLY 3 POSTS at each end. This design makes them so easy to set up and eliminates ricochet. Fast and safe. Remove daily or seasonally in just minutes. Available in 2 sizes – 55′ long for softball and 70′ long for baseball. Purchase with or without posts. Contact us for pricing for the no-post net-only option. Double or triple cage configurations, with shared support poles, are also available. Contact us for pricing on triple cages.

FAST! Once the poles are set, it takes two people less than 10 minutes to install or remove the cage net. No ladders are needed.

This premium batting cage net is suspended between the poles while the Tenex top cables are tensioned by our new winch and cable units to minimize sag and maximize hitting and pitching space. Removing the winch handles after the net is tensioned will secure it in the intended position.

SAFE! Support poles are spaced beyond the net end panels, rather than along the cage sides. This eliminates ricochets from hit balls. No side poles mean no more crushing of the net in between a hit ball and the pole – the main cause of holes in the side panels netting. Our winches have integral mounts that slide over the support pole and lock in place. Top pulleys and cable units are pre-assembled and ready to install. Ground cables for stabilizing the net against the wind are included. We specify Schedule 40 galvanized steel pipe for support poles that can be ordered from us or sourced from a local fence contractor.

Artificial turf available for batting cages. Contact us for prices and availability of artificial turf.

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