Ultimate Wheeled Soccer Goals With 4″ x 2″ Posts

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Product Description

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A wheeled soccer goal with unsurpassed durability and longevity.

The Ultimate Wheeled Soccer Goal is an industry classic. Since 1988 these goals have been as durable and reliable as any on the market. Ultimate Wheeled Soccer Goals are made with 4″ x 2” steel verticals and crossbar. Five wheels are built into the frame of the goal so 2 people can safely and easily move the goals.

Goals are designed for quick assembly, with just four pieces that are sleeve fitted, then bolted together. Goals are powder-coated for low maintenance and weather protection. For extra protection choose to have your goals hot-dip galvanized and then powder coated or add a zinc primer to the finish.


      • Solid and safe with the self-supporting design.
      • Two people are able to move the goal quickly without any lifting.
      • Wheels lock in place when the goal is in use.
      • May be used on grass or artificial turf.
      • Extra heavy-duty design provides years of safety and easy movement without lifting the goal frame.


Construction: 11 gauge cold-rolled steel tubing, 4″ x 2” steel verticals, crossbar and base. 2″ round 11 gauge steel backstays
Wheels: 5 semi-pneumatic wheels are built into base of goal
Net Attachment System: Cable net attachment
Ships: Shipped via truck to any location in the continental United States. Call us for the freight price
Assembly: Four sections are sleeve fitted, then bolted
Included Items: Cable net attachment system, duckbill anchors. (Plastic inserts for duckbill anchors available for extra cost.) Nets sold separately.
Color: Crossbar, verticals and side panels are powder-coated white. Backbar of goal is powder-coated black. Custom colors available.
Finish: Standard finish is powder-coating. Zinc primer and hot-dip galvanized finishes are available options.


  • Replace 1 or all of the standard wheels with caster wheels for an additional cost. Choose just a caster wheel back bar or make all 5 wheels caster wheels. (Caster wheels swivel allowing you to turn the goal.) Contact us with questions or to request pricing for caster wheels.
  • Add weight built into the frame of the goal to make goals comply with new ASTM standards if not anchored. Contact us for pricing or with questions.
  • Standard finish is powder-coating. Add zinc primer to powder-coating, (recommended in extreme weather), or hot-dip galvanize and then powder-coat, (recommended for saltwater locations.). Contact us with questions.
  • Custom size and custom color options available. Contact us with questions or for pricing.

For Maximum Safety:

  • The self-supporting design is completely counterbalanced with a full 4″ x 2″ steel base frame.
  • Meets ASTM requirements when secured.
  • ASTM guidelines require movable soccer goals be anchored or secured at ALL times!
  • Duckbill anchors are included in the price of the goal. (Plastic ground inserts for duckbill anchors are optional for additional cost.)
  • Keeper Goals recommends duckbill anchors to secure movable soccer goals.
  • To discuss other available stake/anchor options for your movable soccer goals please contact us at 800-594-5126.
  • Each soccer goal has welded stakeholders.

Cable Net Attachment System

For safe, easy net attachment cables run along the back of the goal. Simply attach the net with the safety snap hooks (#HO-2 on uprights and #HB-4 on ground bars). When clips wear due to weathering use the #HR-1 to replace clips without re-cabling goals. Watch the video ->

Ultimate Wheeled Soccer Goals are available in multiple sizes:

8′ x 24′
7′ x 21′
6’6″ x 18’6″
6′ x 12′
Custom sizes also available. Contact us to discuss.


M88W824 – 8’ x 24’ x 3’ (Top Depth) x 8’ (Bottom Depth)
M88W-721 – 7′ x 21′ x 3′ (Top Depth) x 7′ (Bottom Depth)
M88W-66186 – 6’6″ x 18’6″ x 3′ (Top Depth) x 6’6″ (Bottom Depth)
M88W-612 – 6′ x 12′ x 3′ (Top Depth) x 6′ (Bottom Depth)

Meets ASTM safety standards for soccer goals when anchored and assembled per manufacturer’s directions.

***Please Note: ASTM guidelines require movable soccer goals be anchored or secured at ALL times!  Keeper Goals recommends Duckbill Anchors to secure movable soccer goals. Learn more by visiting our safety page ->

Contact us for freight quote or to order 800-594-5126 or email
*Shipping costs not included in prices listed.