3 Important But Not-So-Obvious Questions To Ask Before You Buy Soccer Goals:

Soccer goal comes in 4 pieces, sections are sleeve fitted and secure with 4 bolts.

Soccer goal arrives in 4 pieces, crossbar, backbar, and 2 side panels. Secure with 4 bolts.

1.) What’s involved in the goal assembly?
Some goals will arrive on a truck and need minimal assembly. Some will arrive and need hours of work to put them togehter. To save yourself a potential headache later, be sure to ask for the assembly instructions before you buy and ask how your goals will look when they arrive, (ie. how many pieces, how many screws and bolts, what tools you’ll need, ect.)

2.) If the goal manufacturer says their goals meet ASTM 2763 Standard For Tip Resistant Soccer Goals, will the goals need to be anchored or weighted down to meet this standard?
Some companies test their goals for compliance with the Standard For Tip Resistant Soccer Goals without anchors or weights and provide anchors, stakes or weights as an added precaution. Some companies test their goals for compliance with added weight, (anchors, anchor weights or sandbags).

Know what you are getting to insure the goals are installed properly so you can do your part to help keep the users of your goals safe.

3.) How much do replacement parts cost?
No matter how well made a soccer goal is, over time they will all need to have parts replaced. Net clips are one of the most common items that need to be replaced. Goals with wheels will also need to have part or all of the wheels replaced over time. Ask the manufacturer what replacement parts you may need to buy and what the costs of these items are.