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Ceiling Mounted Basketball Hoop

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Product Description

A Ceiling Mounted Basketball Hoop is ideal for school and church gyms, fitness centers and multi-use athletic facilities.¬† Because it doesn’t require posts or poles to take up floor space, this type of basketball hoop allows you to make the best use of your space.

You have the option to choose a motorized or stationary hoop. Motorized hoops can be raised and lowered via motorized winches. Stationary ceiling mounted basketball hoops are raised and lowered with manual height adjusters.

Choose from well-respected brands such as;

  • Bison IPI
  • Gared
  • Spalding
  • Jaypro

Contact us with questions or for a quote. If you are requesting a quote, please provide building plans with elevations. Pictures are also helpful.

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Options available:

  • Side Fold/Side Braced
  • Forward Fold/Forward Braced
  • Backward Fold/Rear-braced and many more


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