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Custom Soccer Goal Net

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Product Description

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Looking for a custom soccer goal net? A net with a custom logo, or a net made with your club or schools colors can add a professional look to your field or stadium. We offer a variety of nets that can be made to custom size, in custom colors, can have logos printed on them, or have logos printed on windscreen that is then sewn into a net.

Custom colored soccer nets are available – but not all colors are available in all net sizes/types. Striped or checkered patterns are available in a variety of color combinations. Contact us about your project and we can let you know what your options are.

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Contact us at 800-594-5126 M-F 8-5 CST or email us with: Net measurements, (height, width, bottom back-depth and top back-depth) Your color choices High-resolution artwork in vector format, (.ai or .eps files), for logos if logos are desired.

Things you should know about custom soccer goal nets:

  • Simple, single-color logos work best for printing directly on a net
  • Multi-colored or complex logos should be printed on windscreen and sewn into the net for visibility of the logo
  • When printing directly on a net logos and text are easier to see if the mesh is small. However, the smaller the mesh, the more expensive the net.
  • When printing directly on a net consider what will be behind the net to help determine how visible the logo will be. Logos show up better if the what’s behind the net is uncomplicated. For example, a single color windscreen or a single color wall allows the logo to be more visible than a wall or windscreen with other printing on it. Also, a white logo printed on a black net will show well if it’s in front of something very dark… whereas a white logo on a black net will NOT show up well if placed in front of something light.
  • Before purchasing custom nets please check with your association or league to verify custom nets are allowed, (some organizations prohibit the use of logo nets for competition).

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Budget and Lead Time Considerations:

Custom nets are more expensive than standard nets and the lead time for custom nets is much longer than for standard nets.

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