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SportaFence Portable Fence

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Product Description

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Tired of setting up temporary plastic portable baseball outfield fences? For years temporary outfield fencing for baseball or softball has meant cheap plastic, homerun fencing that is difficult to set up, falls down in the wind, needs to be replaced every few years and can be a liability as players can get tangled up in it.

Now there is a great alternative: A professional grade, portable outfield fencing for baseball, softball and other sports. SportaFence is a patented fencing system with optional retractable wheels. It can be easily adjusted for varied distances and dimensions on your athletic fields.


  • Easy to set up
  • Two people with a gator roll the portable fence panels into place.
  • You can be ready to play in about 1 hour.
  • No holes in the turf for bracing up the system. Use the portable fence panels on natural or synthetic turf.
  • A breeze won’t blow it over. It can withstand a 50 mph wind from the front side and 30 mph wind on the back side of the fence.
  • It’s able to withstand a 500 lbs. front impact and not fall over.
  • Built to last for years
  • The 6’ high portable fence panels are constructed of commercial grade galvanized steel.
  • It has 8-gauge coated chain link A higher gauge than permanent fencing!
  • Connectors secure the 10’ long panels together for form one continuous fence. You can pull 80’ of SportaFence portable fence panels with a gator.
  • Safety on the Field
  • Enhances player safety. There is a slight “give” in the portable fence panels that absorbs energy when a player makes contact with the fence, reducing injuries to that athlete.
  • Safety extends to set-up staff. There is minimum lifting when setting up SportaFence on the field. It is simple and quick to wheel into place.
  • Storage is easy with collapsible legs.
  • SportaFence portable fencing system solved my multi-use, outfield fencing problems.

Choose from three types of portable fencing:

The portable fencing system has retractable wheels, vinyl coated chain link fabric and yellow plastic fence topper. Each fence panel is either 5’ or 6’ tall and 10’ long. The frame is 1-5/8” galvanized steel pipe with 8 gauge vinyl coated (green or black) chain link fencing. Each panel has a rear frame that includes retractable 1-1/2” wide x 6” tall solid rubber wheels for easy transport. Each panel is shipped completely fabricated, some assembly required for rear frame and wheels. Specify Green or Black vinyl coated chain link fencing fabric. Optional 2” wide wheels.

Non-Wheeled Braced
Braced panels come with triangle shaped support legs. There is a pole that slides down through sleeves on the panel ends to connect one panel to the next. The triangle support legs are also captured by that connector pole. These panels and rear support legs sit on the surface and do not require anchoring making them a perfect solution for artificial turf fields.

Non-Wheeled Staked
Staked panels have no rear support legs. The pole that connects one panel to another has a pointed tip that is driven into the ground with a post driver. A post driver is provided with orders of 25 panels or more.

Optional Upgrades:

  • Coated wire
  • Fence cap
  • Powder-coating
  • Colored wire, (standard is green or black other colors custom)


  • Softball
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Many other sports
  • Special Events
  • Crowd Control
  • Security
  • Concerts
  • High School Graduations
  • School Yards
  • Dog Parks
  • Camping Areas