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7′ x 7′ Pitcher’s L Screen

$606.00$870.00 /ea.

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Product Description

Quality materials and superior construction mean long-lasting equipment and protection for your players.  7′ x 7′ L-screen will work with both right and left-handed pitchers. Designed to improve protection without limiting throwing motion. Built with tough UV-treated knotted nylon double-sided pillowcase nets. Features Gatorshield® steel frame with corrosion-resistant patented triple-layer Flo-Coat. This screen is designed to be long-lasting. Ideal for outdoor environments where rust and corrosion protection is needed.

New, low profile wheel keeps your screen closer to the ground, improving stability.

Padding available in black, forest green and royal blue.  Contact us for information.

7′ x 7′ L screen

  • 1.6 OD 16 gauge steel
  • Flo-coat
  • #42 pillowcase net (320 lb breaking strength)

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