Movable Aluminum Soccer Goal (MAL) With Cable Net Attachment


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Product Description

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The addition of steel corners to go along with this aluminum soccer goal allows it to be easily moved but maintain its durability.

Movable Aluminum Soccer Goals are available in multiple sizes:

  • 8’ x 24’
  • 7’ x 21’
  • 6’6” x 18’ 6”
  • 6’ x 12’
  • 4’ x 6’
  • Custom sizes also available. Contact us for prices.


  • 4” round aluminum soccer goal with steel corners, back bar & cable net attachment
  • MAL goals are counter-balanced for safety.
  • Cable net attachment system means no dangerous net hooks
  • Optional wheel attachments allow you to move goals safely and easily
  • All connections are sleeve fitted and bolted for added strength
  • Reinforced steel corners for added durability. (Other aluminum goals have aluminum corners. Steel is a much stronger metal than aluminum. Our steel corners allow our MAL goals to wear better and last longer than our competitors.)
  • Steel T-Corners for added durability. T-corners connect the backstays to the back bar.
  • Sections are sleeve fitted and bolted for strength, longevity and durability. Goals maintain their proper shape.
  • No-seize is applied to corners to help prevent seizing of steel to aluminum.
  • Vertical base brackets at the base of the side panels are sleeve fitted for added durability.


Construction: Verticals and crossbar made of heavy-duty 4″ OD x 11 gauge (.125 wall) aluminum. Backstays are made of 2″ OD galvanized steel. Backbars, which counterbalance goals, are made of 2″ OD (.125 wall) steel.
Assembly: Goals are designed for quick assembly, with just four pieces that are sleeve fitted, then bolted together.
Wheels: Optional wheel kits available. PW2-Cable, PW4-Cable, MW2-RD, CMW-2RD-Caster Dolley
Net Attachment System: Cable net attachment
Ships: Shipped via truck to any location in the continental United States. Call us for the freight price
Color: Standard is white for the crossbar, verticals, and side panels. Backbar of the goal is powder-coated black. Custom colors are available.
Finish: Powder coated verticals and crossbar, (white).  Zinc primer and hot-dip galvanized finishes are available options for the steel corners. Zinc primer is recommended for areas with extreme weather. Hot-dip galvanized finish is recommended for saltwater locations.
Included Items: Cable net attachment system on crossbar and verticals, stakes or duckbill anchors. Net sold separately.


  • Powder coat the backstays
  • Cable net attachment on the back bar and backstays
  • Add weight to make goals comply with new ASTM standards if not anchored
  • Add zinc primer to powder coat finish on steel corners
  • Hot dip galvanize steel corners
  • Custom back-depth
  • Custom box-style design
  • Wheel kits – Optional wheel kits available. PW2-Cable, PW4-Cable, MW2-RD, CMW-2RD-Caster Dolley
  • Contact us for pricing and information on any options.

Stakes Included:
• Stake options are; 2’ rebar, auger stakes, chain stake & duckbill with a plastic cap, (plastic ground insert for duckbill anchor is available for an extra charge.)
• We recommend duckbill anchors to secure movable soccer goals.

Cable Net Attachment System:
For safe, easy net attachment, cables run along the back of the goal on the crossbar and verticals. You simply attach the net with the safety snap hooks. Safety snap hooks are included and goals come cabled. (Nets are sold separately.)

***Please Note: ASTM guidelines require movable soccer goals be anchored or secured at ALL times!  Keeper Goals recommends Duckbill Anchors to secure movable soccer goals. Learn more by visiting our safety page ->

Meets ASTM safety standards for soccer goals when anchored and assembled per manufacturer’s directions.

Contact us for freight quote or to order 800-594-5126 or email
*Shipping costs not included in prices listed.