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Premium 20′ Backstop Netting System – Stamped (1.5″ mesh net, 5 5/8″ posts)


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Product Description

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This 20’ high Premium Backstop Net System with 1.5″ mesh net keeps balls where they belong. The net is 1.5″ mesh, ideal for soccer as well as many other sports. See the ‘Suitable For These Sports’ tab for a complete list of sports). They feature 5 5/8″ OD aluminum posts and a tension system that removes net sag. This backstop netting system design includes stamped drawings and calculations by an independent engineer in the state where the project is located.

Backstop Net System Sizes:

  • 60’W x 20’H w/3 Posts
  • 90’W x 20’H w/4 Posts
  • 120’W x 20’H w/5 Posts
  • 150’W x 20’H w/6 Posts
  • 180’W x 20’H w/7 Posts

Looking for a different size backstop net system or a system designed for a specific purpose like a scoreboard protection net? Keeper Goals Custom Engineered Backstop Net Systems can be designed and built to meet other specs as needed. Both hoist-able and permanent systems are available. Please contact us with your requirements for a Custom Backstop Net System.

Need price, shipping cost or want to order? Contact us.

  • Tensioned, hoistable backstop netting systems
  • The 30’ spacing reduces the amount of footing needed that many other 1 ½” mesh systems require.
  • Installation (turn key) is available if needed. Contact us for a quote on installation.
  • Our high-end pulley system that is able to withstand rain, snow, ice, saltwater that often damages lower-end hardware that is found on many competitors’ products.
  • Ideal for lacrosse, baseball / softball backstops and many other sports
  • Offered with cable tie-back and pole-to-pole styles
  • Aluminum posts, (durable powder-coat finish an optional add-on)
  • Premium nylon netting
  • Suitable for many applications and levels of play
  • Cabling designed with galvanized aircraft cable
  • Available with stamped drawings and calculations by a licensed professional engineer
  • Keeper Goals is a leading provider of backstop netting systems for a variety of sports
  • 20′ x 60′ (3 post design)
  • 20′ x 90′ (4 post design)
  • 20′ x 120′ (5 post design)
  • 20′ x 150′ (6 post design)
  • 20′ x 180′ (7 post design)
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Rugby
  • Futsal
  • Field Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Hockey


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