Premium Dugout Rail Padding

Premium Dugout Rail Padding

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Product Description

Protect your players and dress up your dugout area with Premium Dugout Rail Padding. Custom-made to fit your railings or posts.

You have multiple colors to choose from so you can pick a color that will enhance team spirit. Add a logo to the Collegiate or Pro-Style padding. Contact us to get started.

3 Styles To Choose From:

  • Traditional – A flat, sewn pad that wraps the rail. It has a round shape when installed. Traditional fully sewn with 1” foam and 18oz vinyl. The pad sections fold over the rails and are secured with either zip ties or lacing cord.
  • Collegiate  – A wood-backed 2-sided L-shaped pad. Wood backed with 2” foam, ¾” MDO backer and 18oz vinyl.
  • Pro Style – A wood-backed C-shaped pad. Pro Style is similar to collegiate only it is 3-sided with 2” foam, ¾” MDO backer and 18oz vinyl.




Premium Dugout Rail Padding Color Options:

Color swatches of Advantage MVP 18 oz vinyl.

* Color swatches are approximations only. For exact match please contact us to request a color sample.

** Custom colors may also be available. Contact us for information on custom colors.

Features of Advantage MVP 18 oz. Vinyl:

  • Advantage MVP 18 is well equipped to handle adverse weather conditions and withstand great physical stress.
  • Advantage MVP 18 is latex and rubber free and well-suited for athletic applications.
  • In contrast to its tremendous strength, the soft hand and smooth matte surface give it a quality feel and appearance.


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