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Vehicle Wraps

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Product Description

Custom Vehicle Wraps are an impactful way to transform the look of your school or team vans, cars, trucks, or buses!

Let us help you design your Vehicle Wraps using your school or team colors, logos, and graphics.  Choose complete wraps, partial wraps or spot graphics.

It’s easy to get started!

Discovery Phase
The first step is to contact us to discuss your project. We will discuss the design direction and vision for your project – specifically what type of vehicle you’d like to brand, logos, school or team colors, and any messaging that you would like incorporated into the design.

Layout Phase
Our Professional Design Team will take over from there. Once you’ve committed to your purchase, you’ll need to provide us with some basic measurements, photos, and logos. We’ll incorporate all the design directions from the discovery phase and present you with a layout of your vehicle’s concept. Our Creative Design Team is second to none and will make sure their professional concept and design meet your approval!

Production Phase
Once layouts have been approved, your design will be moved into the production phase for printing. At this point we’ll arrange a date and time to have our certified installers apply the vehicle wrap. The specifics of installation will be determined by the type of vehicle, amount of coverage and your location.

Full vehicle wrap: Cover an entire vehicle, including cars, trucks, buses, and vans. Deliver your message to anyone who sees it. You can have any places where paint could show through covered – such as the hood, the roof, the pillars, and the sides. full wraps are a good choice for schools and teams looking for maximum exposure.

Partial vehicle Wrap: Only cover select parts of your vehicle with a partial wrap. Maybe you just want to wrap the top half of a bus, or you may want to leave your truck’s roof the original color to go with your design. A partial wrap can allow you to make a design and branding statement by wrapping just a few parts of the vehicle rather than the whole surface. Bonus – it will likely save you money.

Spot Graphics: Add spot graphics for a splash of color or branding. For instance, you can apply just your logo or team or school name. Spot graphics are a budget friendly way to add color to your vehicle. Window decals can also be an excellent addition to your van, car, truck or bus.

Window Coverings: You can cover your windows with a perforated vinyl covering them with color or design. Window coverings are see-through from the inside so drivers and passengers can still see out. However, from the outside, they appear as a solid design.


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