Buying soccer nets? Some helpful information…

Choosing the right type of soccer net for your situation, (climate, level of competition, amount of use, ect.), can help you make the best use of your equipment budget. Read on to learn about the most common types of material used for soccer nets in the USA. Keeper Goals carries soccer nets in all these types of material.


3 Most Common Types of Soccer Net Materials

How long will a soccer net last?

5 Helpful Facts For Soccer Net Buyers

3 Most Common Types of Soccer Net Materials:

HTTP socce net

HTTP or HTPP (High Tenacity Polypropylene)

This type of material is used to produce items that require higher strength, such as safety nets or cargo nets. HTPP nets have a longer life when exposed to sun than PE or Nylon.

4 mm braid blue polyethylene soccer net PE

PE(Polyethylene) Monofilament, (a thick and stiff yarn)

PE is normally made with a twisted-knot; or, for added strength, a braided knot. It is the most common type of soccer net made. Most PE soccer nets are imported. It is important to realize that not all nets are made equally. Do not assume a 3mm-twist from one company has the same strength as a 3mm-twist as another.



The most common net produced in the United States. Nylon is available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and styles. Because it is readily available, it is easy to use for a custom-made net.

How long should a soccer net last?

So, you want to buy a soccer net and you’d like to know how long it will last? Unfortunately it is impossible to accurately predict how long a soccer net will last – so many variables come into play. Netting-wear depends on the thickness of the net, the size of the mesh, the type of material used to make the net, the weather conditions, (rain, snow and sun exposure), the amount of use, and the intensity of the use.

The good news is you can choosing the right type of net for your situation, (climate, level of competition, amount of use, ect.) that will help you maximize your budget. The following 5 helpful facts give you a little more information that can help you make an informed decision.

5 Helpful Facts For Soccer Net Buyers:

  1. HTPP net material is stronger than the same thickness of nylon or PE net material and it weathers better.
  2. A braided net is always stronger than a twisted net.
  3. Knotless netting is stronger than knotted netting.
  4. The smaller the mesh size, (the holes in the net), the longer the net will last under same playing conditions.
  5. It is less expensive to purchase an oversized net than to have one specially made to custom size.

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