5 Factors To Consider When Buying Team Shelters:

If you’ve started looking at team shelters for your soccer stadium you probably quickly learned they aren’t cheap. You want to make sure you get good value for your money. You want the shelters you choose not only look great, but also best meet the needs of your situation and will last for many years. Contact us with questions at 1-800-594-5126 or email us.

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European style team shelters for use in a stadium where there is not a lot of space between the stands and the field.

1.) Are there any size restrictions for your team shelters?

Take a close look at the exact location your shelters will be placed. Is there a fence that will determine how far back the shelters can go? Will there be seating directly behind the team shelters which would limit the height you’d like the shelters to be? How wide can the shelters be? Are there other site lines you need to be aware of?

Black team shelter with aluminum bench inside the shelter

2.) Do you already have benches you want to continue to use?

If you have athletic team benches you may want to continue to use them and essentially place them inside your new shelters. This could save you money. Ask the manufacturer of the shelters you are looking at if this is an option. Be ready to provide the manufacturer with the length, depth and width of your benches so you can get accurate information.

Rain Cloud

3.) What type of weather will your shelters will be used in?

Do you play soccer, field hockey, football or lacrosse in wind, rain, sleet, snow, and wind? If yes, then you want to make sure the team shelters you purchase are built to protect your players from these factors as well as the sun. Imagine yourself standing or sitting inside the shelter with rain coming down, and blowing at you from above, behind and to the side of you. Are you protected in all these instances? (We haven’t seen any shelters that will protect you when rain or snow if blowing directly into your face. Please let us know if you find one that does this.

Team shelter with wheels

4.) Will the team shelters be permanent or will they be moved occasionally?

If they will be moved, what type of surface will they be moved across and where will they be stored when not in use?
You’ll want to make sure the shelters are equipped with the proper type of wheels to move them across the type of surface you have. You’ll also want to make sure they can be moved into your storage space, (ie. will the wheels allow you to move the shelter forward, backward, sideways, at angles, ect.?

Cloud with wind blowing

5.) Do you have any wind load requirements your team shelters should be designed to be able to handle?

We have found shelters used in some areas of the United States and Canada require stronger frames and anchoring systems if they will be in high wind areas.

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