The best type of soccer nets for use in 5 common situations

Choosing the right type of soccer net for your situation, (climate, level of competition, amount of use, etc.), can help you make the best use of your equipment budget. Contact us with questions at 1-800-594-5126 or email us.

Black http 2" soccer net on small folding soccer goal

1.) You need a net for small soccer goals:

Then the best choice is a net with a smaller mesh size, (1 ¾” or 2” mesh is optimal.) Why?

  • The smaller the mesh size the less likely kids will climb on them.
  • On a small goal, the ball hits the same spot of the net more often than a net on a larger goal.
  • The smaller mesh size means the net will be able to take more hits in the same spot before it tears.
  • A net with a smaller mesh size will allow for more tears in the net before the net has to be replaced.
  • Safety is a factor as there have been several instances of kids getting stuck in a net with a large mesh size, greater than 5 inches, and being injured or killed.
close up of white mesh soccer net

2.) You need soccer nets for a hot climate with a lot of sun exposure:

Choose a net made from HTTP, (high-tenacity polypropylene). Why?

  • HTTP is treated for sun protection all the way through the net.
  • Many other types of nets, (many nylons and PEs are simply coated with a sun protectant which is not as effective against the sun’s rays as when the entire fiber is sun protected.

3.) You have to take your soccer nets down after each use:

  • You may want to opt for a net made from a smaller material thickness, (ie. A 3 mm net vs. a 6 mm net). Why?
  • The smaller the material thickness the lighter the net. True the net might not last quite as long, but the wear and tear on the people carrying them around may win out here. It is best as they are quite a bit lighter. For many, this trumps the strength found in a thicker net.
3 mm twist soccer net on movable soccer goal. Soccer net is yellow.

4.) You need nets you can leave up:

In spite of promises from the grounds crew to be careful, they can’t seem to avoid mowing the net when they mow the grass. Solutions:

  • Buy a less expensive net.
  • If you have a stadium-style or box-style net use a net storage bar that will lift the net off the ground. Learn more >

5.) You need nets for a field in a high-wind area.

The best choice for soccer nets in an area where there are often strong winds is a larger mesh net, 4” or greater. Why?

  • Less wind resistance means greater safety.
  • Small mesh nets can act like a sail with the wind and put undo stress on soccer goals that are staked down or have wheels.
  • For less wind resistance choose nets with 4″ mesh or greater.