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Chris Bielefeld

Chris Bielefeld, a structural engineer, accepted a position with Keeper Goals in 2014.  Chris joined the company to contribute to the product design and athletic facility planning team. He has with a wealth of experience, having spent 18 years prior to starting at Keeper Goals working at a consulting engineering firm in Milwaukee, WI. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters of Science degree in Structural Engineering from Marquette University.

Chris’ job includes providing CAD drawings for all equipment, composing installation and assembly instructions for all equipment, designing custom equipment, improving existing designs, reviewing drawings and specification documents for bid opportunities.

Chris’ hiring at Keeper Goals was more of a homecoming.  Chris worked at Keeper Goals as an undergraduate and graduate student at Marquette University.  He likes to say, he took an 18-year vacation at an Engineering Consulting firm before returning to home.  He remembers learning to play soccer on the first Keeper Goals soccer goal at St. Jude’s school in Wauwatosa, WI.  In fact, his father, Richard Bielefeld, (also a structural engineer),  helped Jim Moynihan with the original design for the first Keeper Goals soccer goal.

In his spare time, Chris is a season ticket holder and avid Marquette University basketball fan.  He does various woodworking and remodeling projects including making his own furniture and building a two-car garage.