Factors To Consider When Purchasing Team Shelters ⋆ Keeper Goals - Your Athletic Equipment Experts.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing Team Shelters

Your answers to these questions will help us work with you to determine which shelter is best for your situation.

How many people do you want to seat for the home team? How many for the visiting team?

For reference:
Keeper Goals Heavy-Duty 8’ shelters seat approximately 5 people
Keeper Goals Heavy-Duty 16′ shelter seat approximately 10 people
Keeper Goals Heavy-Duty 20′ shelters seat approximately 13 people

If you wish to seat more people, we suggest you do a combination of shelters. We will need to know the number
of shelter units, you need to provide an accurate freight quote. Two examples of how freight cost is determined:
We can fit 1, 2, or 3 16′ shelters on one truck. If more shelters are ordered we require another truck.
We can fit 2 20′ shelters and 1 8′ shelter on one truck. If more shelters are ordered we can require
another truck.

Do you have any size or space restrictions?

What is your back depth limit?
What is your width limit?
What is your height limit? (FYI -We assume people prefer 6’4” tall unless they request an alternate height.)

Any sightlines we need to be aware of?

How often will you need to move the shelters, and where will you move them to?

For example what type of surface will they be moved across? Where will they be stored when they are not in use?
Shelters can be permanent, semi-permanent or movable. Do you have a preference?

What type of surface will you be moving the shelters on; grass or turf or a hard surface, (asphalt, concrete)?

Do you have existing benches you plan on using, if so what size are they?

If you want new benches, what type do you want? 

How will shelters be secured to the ground or stored when not in use?

If you will be storing your shelters, how much room do you have to store your shelters?

Do you want advertising, logos or branding on your shelter? 

Do you want to extend the life of the Lexan by purchasing vinyl covers for your Heavy-Duty Team Shelters?