School branding producs

Getting Started With School Branding Products

Looking to upgrade the look and feel of your school through the use of school branding products? It’s easy to get started! The more information you can provide to us, the easier the process will be!
The first step is to contact us. We will then ask you a series of questions that will provide us with the following information:

• Please supply the SCHOOL Pantone (PMS Color) of Logos and if possible send along BRANDING GUIDELINES.

• Send LOGO file: the design team will need any school logos in vector format, if possible. Vector files will have one of the following file extensions: eps, pdf, ai
o Example of a file name is “logo-eps”
o An EPS file may be something that can’t be opened or previewed but it’s usually just the thing design needs to get moving on design concepts.
o Having a PDF usually works, but it’s not guaranteed; a designer will be in touch to go over any other details needed.
o If only raster images are available (i.e. jpg, png, photoshop files) then the design team should be consulted with to help create true vector logo’s.

• Most schools have a certain phrase that’s widely used throughout the school; please let us know anything you want incorporated into the design phase of the project.
• Our designers like creative direction, so whatever you can send us helps get our creative team started.

• Student/Team Photos are a great way to personalize your order.
o Photos should be “print quality”- most photos from photographers will work, but they must be the print quality versions rather than a “Thumbnail”.
o If an Image/Photo is lower than 600 KB it probably won’t work, but there are a lot of variables involved; if you’re not sure, please send the photo to us and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
o Cell phone photos are usually not good enough. Please check with our DESIGN team to see if the quality is good enough to use.

• Finally, you will need to provide us measurements for what you are branding.
• Each product has its own measuring guidelines to follow. Find your measurement guidelines for school branding products here.