Physical Therapy Clinic In Pleasant Prairie, WI

Physical therapy clinics treat injured athletes, help patients regain strength after orthopedic surgeries, and help people improve sport-specific skills so as to make injuries less likely and improve performance.

These folks are anxious to compete in a variety of sports from golf to softball to basketball. The physical therapists at this clinic in Pleasant Prairie, WI wanted to be able to provide sport-specific training whenever possible. To do this they needed to transform the space they had into a facility with designated areas for a variety of different activities.

Keeper Goals was able to provide products that helped them make the best use of space. A custom top-lift golf/batting cage provided a spot for golfers to hit and for softball and baseball players to work on throwing. When the cage wasn’t in use it can be stored on the ceiling, out of the way. Because it’s a top-lift cage you pick the net up manually and store it on the top of the cage and can use the motorized lift to raise the cage to the ceiling if desired.

A custom motorized fold-up divider net can be lowered to divide the space. The nylon net provides protection for the glass windows as well people in the office space or in other areas. The motorized net lifting system allows for easy raising and lowering of the nets.

A stationary ceiling mount basketball hoop with a manual height adjuster allows people of all ages to shoot hoops.

Click on any photo below to browse the gallery of athletic facility equipment at this physical therapy clinic in Pleasant Prairie. Or take a look at some of the other physical therapy construction projects we’ve been involved with in West Bend, Wauwatosa, Jefferson, Mequon or New Berlin. Imagine the possibilities for your physical therapy clinic!

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