Rehab Facility in West Bend, WI

Physical Therapy Clinic Athletic Equipment is an important part of any rehab facility. This equipment helps patients recover faster and get back on the right track!

Keeper Goals provided Walk-Draw Gym Divider Netting, Ceiling Mount Basketball Hoop and Custom Protective Pole Pads to help achieve the goal of getting patients and athletes the equipment they need to have an efficient and speedy recovery!

Walk-Draw Gym Divider Nets are an easy and affordable way to separate a gym or facility. Hanging on track or cable, simply grab the net and pull it to the desired location and that’s it!

Ceiling Mount Basketball Hoop is perfect for a gym setting. There is no pole to worry about and you can easily raise and lower the hoop with a press of a button. You can raise it up to the ceiling to keep it out of the way of other activities.

Custom Protective Pole Pads can be custom made to fit any “pole” and protect patients and athletes during activities. It also improves the look of your facility!

Click on any photo below to browse the gallery of athletic facility equipment at this physical therapy clinic in West Bend. Or take a look at some of the other physical therapy construction projects we’ve been involved with in Pleasant Prairie, Wauwatosa, Jefferson, Mequon or New Berlin. Imagine the possibilities for your physical therapy clinic!

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