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Timothy Winn

Keeper Goal’s ascent in the Athletic Facility Equipment industry is due, in no small part, to Tim Winn.  Tim Winn started with Keeper Goals in 1979.  Tim is hands-on in every aspect of production.  He coordinates material purchase and fabrication of the products.

From day one, Tim enjoyed the atmosphere at Keeper Goals.  He is equally proud of the company’s success and its commitment to employees.  Tim says it best, “Keeper Goals is a company that puts the customer first.  We always strive to satisfy our customers.  Personally, Keeper Goals has provided an opportunity for me to continue to be involved in sports.  We provide a flexible work schedule for an employee, which makes for a positive work environment.  The family needs of our employees come first.”

Tim is an icon in the soccer community as a player, referee, coach, and administrator.  In 2018, Tim was inducted into both the Wisconsin Soccer Hall of Fame and the Wauwatosa East High School Hall of Fame. Tim wed his lovely wife Lisa in 1981 and has three kids, Tyler, Amanda, and Madeline, and four grandchildren.

Tim’s longevity with the company provides a lifetime of Keeper Goal’s stories and accomplishments.  “The company grows,” he said, “Often due to word of mouth.  Our customers tell potential customers about our attention to detail and attention to our customers.”  When driving, Tim enjoys seeing Keeper Goals products at parks, schools, and clubs and knowing that the products last.

Tim rarely dances, but if you want to see him dance, play Neil Diamond, Tim loves Neil Diamond.