Why Goalsetter?

Goalsetter hoops are made in the USA with their headquarters in Iowa. The anchor system is unique to Goalsetter and allows you to take your hoop with you if you ever move. Goalsetter offers a variety of options to choose from which we will get into next time.

Does Keeper Goals ship products outside the United States and Canada?

Keeper Goals ships products across the United States and Canada. For shipments to Canada: For shipments to Canada customer is responsible for any fees/taxes that apply. In addition customer must provide their broker information for clearing customs. Keeper Goals will not contact any freight forwarding companies on your behalf. Customers from countries besides the U.S. […]

Question: We are putting in a brand new grass soccer field. We will have semi-permanent soccer goals that are sleeved into the ground. Is it better to install the sleeves before or after the sod is put down?

The sleeves can be placed either before or after the sod is put down. Whether it’s better to put them in before the sod or after the sod depends on several factors. If putting the sleeves in place BEFORE the sod is put down you will need to; 1.)  Be able to correctly estimate the […]

What is a zinc primer finish?

A zinc primer is a spray on coating that goes on before the powder-coating finish. Zinc rich primers are unique from regular primers because they contain zinc which has highly sacrificial anodic properties. High concentrations of zinc dust act sacrificially when in direct contact with steel by providing cathodic protection and galvanizing properties. Simply put, […]