Are sand bags or anchor weight bags enough to secure soccer goals?

Keeper Goals recommends the use of duckbill ground anchors to properly anchor soccer goals to meet ASTM guidelines.

Sandbags and weights may be used but are simply not as reliable as anchoring or locking goals. Please be advised that anchor weights and sandbags can be easily moved off the goals. The anchor weights or sandbags should remain fastened to the goal at all times and should be monitored as such to ensure the safety of those using the goals. If using anchor weights or sandbags to anchor your goals please obtain information from the goal manufacturer regarding how much weight is needed for your goals to meet ASTM guidelines.

In unison with the use of weights or sandbags we suggest locking goals face to face when they are not in use or securing them to objects so that they cannot be moved.


Category: Soccer
Tags: Safety, Soccer Goals