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Question: We are putting in a brand new grass soccer field. We will have semi-permanent soccer goals that are sleeved into the ground. Is it better to install the sleeves before or after the sod is put down?

The sleeves can be placed either before or after the sod is put down. Whether it’s better to put them in before the sod or after the sod depends on several factors. If putting the sleeves in place BEFORE the sod is put down you will need to; 1.)  Be able to correctly estimate the […]

What is the best net attachment system for soccer goals?

No net attachment system is perfect. We believe our cable, clip attachment system is the best available. This system has two advantages over other systems. First, the clips secure to cables that remain attached to the goal; attached clips mean less daily preparation for putting up the net. Second, in this system the stress is […]

Are lighter goals safer?

Light goals, when tipped, can still cause serious injury. The design of the goal, and proper anchoring of the goal, plays a greater role than the weight of the goal. Goals anchored correctly dramatically improve safety – our number one concern.