Question: We are putting in a brand new grass soccer field. We will have semi-permanent soccer goals that are sleeved into the ground. Is it better to install the sleeves before or after the sod is put down?

The sleeves can be placed either before or after the sod is put down. Whether it’s better to put them in before the sod or after the sod depends on several factors.

If putting the sleeves in place BEFORE the sod is put down you will need to;

1.)  Be able to correctly estimate the finished height of the field when the sod is in place to put the sleeves the proper distance into the ground so that the goal post will be the proper height. Our semi-permanent soccer goals come with an adjustable collar so you have some room to adjust the height of the goal posts. For example, if you estimate the finished height to be 8’-0” and it is really 7’-10”, then you could adjust collar location on the goal post to achieve a finished height of 8’-0”.  However, if you estimated the finished height to be 8’-0” and it ends up being 8’-2”, then you could not adjust the finished height down to 8’-0”. The collar would not be of use because it functions to hold the goal post up, i.e., the goal post cannot be lowered farther down into the ground sleeves because it would “bottom out”. 

 2.) The tops of the ground sleeves for the goal posts will be exposed above the ground if they are installed prior to the sod. You will need to be certain that those working on the field will be careful to avoid the exposed sleeves so that they don’t crush them with equipment or damage them in some other way. 

 If putting the sleeves in place AFTER the sod is put down the goal post height should not be an issue as long as the finished height is established correctly.  However, you will need to be aware:

1.) The sod may have to be repaired in the area where the foundations and sleeves were installed.

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