What are common options for adding color to your goals?

  • You can have your entire goals painted to coordinate with your club or school colors to add a professional look to your fields and build a school or club spirit. Some do this purely for aesthetic value. It just looks cool. Some do this for more practical reasons; to label fields for games, tournaments, or camps to help players, staff, and parents identify where they are supposed to be quickly and easily. (For example, you could label your fields yellow-north, yellow-south, and use yellow goals on these fields, red-east, red-west, and use red goals on these fields, etc.)
  • You could choose to add just a pop of color to a portion of a goal. The backup posts on our box-style Stadium Cup Goals are a popular spot for this. Choose to paint your backup posts to coordinate with your club or school colors to help brand your stadium and make your goals pop! Some choose to just paint the crossbar and uprights a different color, and some may choose to paint only the backstays on a traditional style goal.
  • For goals that won’t be used for official competitions some opt to add stickers to add color with their club logo. (Note: for official competition goals the use of stickers is regulated.) There are so many possibilities!
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