What are the options available for material for a gym divider curtain?

There are multiple materials that can be used for gym dividers. The most common are;

    • Netting
    • Flex Mesh
    • Standard Mesh
    • Vinyl
    • Combination of Vinyl and Flex Mesh
    • Combination of Vinyl and Standard Mesh
    • Combination of Vinyl and Netting

Which material is best for your project will be determined by your budget, what the curtain will be used for, whether or not you want people to see through the curtain, how you want your curtain to look, and what type of structure your facility has to hang the curtain. We’ll be happy to discuss your options with you and help you decide which material is best for your situation. Call us at 800-594-5125 8am-5pm CST M-F or contact us by email.

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