What is a powder coat finish?

A powder coated finish provides a more durable finish than liquid paints can and are more resistant to impact, moisture, ultraviolet light, and weather which reduces the possibility of scratches, corrosion and fading. Our powder coating finish utilizes a process of “dry” painting or coating a metal part with a polyester resin. This polyester resin is in a dry powder form that is applied to the metal parts of our equipment using a spray gun. The spray gun applies an electrostatic charge to the powder particles which causes them to be attracted to the electrically grounded metal parts as it is sprayed. After the application ofthe powder coating, our equipment parts enter a curing oven where the powder is “baked” or melted to form a thin film coating on the parts. After removing from the curing oven, the coating eventually cools and dries to form ahard, scratch-resistant shell on the equipment parts.

We recommend regularly inspecting your goals for nicks and scratches in the paint and sanding and repainting the area when necessary. This will help prevent rust and prolong the life of your goals. Rust is not a condition of the warranty. The best rust protection is early detection

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